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Our Story – Deestylistics

Pairing: JJP, JaeBumOC | Genre: Angst, Romance
“Let’s Break-up.”
“Kang Sora.”
“What? What about her? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“May 22, 2014.”
“I don’t get it JinYoungie, what about last week, and what does that have to do with Sora?”
The chair scrapes across the wooden floor with teary eyes, JinYoung starts to leave. JaeBum catches his wrist stopping the younger boy. JinYoung turns to look JaeBum in the eyes,

“Your final chance.”

JaeBum not knowing the answer stays silent. JinYoung waits for another minute before breaking the eye contact, shaking the hand off his wrist, and walks out of the café.

Every day since that night, JaeBum sits at the same table in the establishment. He brings a note pad, scribbling in it once a while. He thinks of the happier times where he and JinYoung would sit at this café.
They would either just talk, share a slice of cheesecake or when each of them were busy, JinYoung would be working on his school assignment of the day while he, himself would be working on some sort of composition; even at these times, they both would steal little glances at each other, fingers drawing patterns on the other hand that’s clasped to theirs.
JaeBum looks away from his notebook, his song finally done. He carefully rips the page out of this notebook before folding it in half, stuffing it into a white envelope. Dabbing the pad of his finger in the glass of water, he closes the envelop shut. Flatting out the envelope on the table, he writes two sentences, ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘I Miss You’. JaeBum then kisses the envelope with tearful, yet hopeful eyes; he puts it carefully between the pages of his notebook, and walks out of the café.

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YunJae Lean

Box in The Ship – DBSK

Pairing: Pre- JJP | Genre: Fluff

Lying on the beach chair underneath the burning sun, JinYoung watches his members play a loud game of Volleyball. Feeling thirsty, he turns, reaching in and starts to dig for a bottle of water in the cooler beside him, before he can grab one, JinYoung feels a cold sensation on the side of his cheek.

Jumping in shock he turns towards his attacker, and he sees JaeBum bright smile and twinkling eyes. JaeBum’s gesturing to the bottle he’s holding out to JinYoung. Blushing, JinYoung takes the bottle of pop mumbling a “Thank-You.”

JaeBum then starts running back towards the game of volleyball, shouting across the beach telling Jackson to stop harassing BamBam every time he misses the ball. While JinYoung stares at the ice cold bottle of pop in his hands like it’s made out of gold as a smile blossoms on his blushing face.

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YunJae Lean

The First Time

Title: The First Time

Length: One-shot
Pairing: JJ Project / BROT7
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Summary: The first times of many for Park JinYoung seems to always have to do with a certain boy called Im JaeBum

The first time JinYoung saw JaeBum, the other was on stage doing hand freezes, windmills and air flares. JinYoung found that he needed to know who this talented boy was, right then and there.Collapse )

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YunJae Lean

Music Drabbles 2

Author: aznxbabe 
Pairings: 3(+1) YunJae, 1 TaecChan
Ratings: G to R
Genres: Angst, Romance

T-Ara – Lies (YunJae/Angst/PG-15)
“You Bastard!”
“It’s not like that!”
“Fuck You, I’m out of here! I’ll be back for my stuff tomorrow; fucking asshole!”
“Fine be that way; you never fucking trust me anyways. Let’s break up!”
JaeJoong walked to the door slamming it behind him. Walked towards the stairway; before his tears fell from his eyes…
He was tired of all the lies.
G-Dragon – Breathe (YunJae/Romance/G)

YunHo stared at the gorgeous man sitting at the small table by the window, sipping the latte. He would always stare at the man everyday like a habit; from the beauty’s black hair, to his milky skin, to the man’s full and luscious lips.
The beautiful man looked away from the street towards the entrance of the café, hearing the bell, announcing an arrival of a customer.
The man (angel) smiled, and YunHo swore he stopped breathing.
For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert (YunJae/Smut/R)
Leg wrapped around the pole before the entire body climbed up the metal pole. Reaching the top, the male let his body slide down the metal towards the ground.
Never breaking eye contact with his ‘client’ the beauty walked around the pole before wrapping his hands around and grinded his hips against it.
Letting go; the male licked his lips before crawling towards the other. Sitting on the lap of the taller man; the beauty stuck out his tongue; swiping it up the other’s lips landing on the mole on top.
Force – DBSK (TaecChan/Smut/R)
TeacYeon stumbled around in the dark room dragging the magnae with him.
The youngest slammed the door behind him before grabbing his Hyung in a forceful kiss. TaecYeon tightened his grip on ChanSung’s hips; leaving finger mark bruises.
The magnae moaned as TaecYeon grounded their hips together.
Forever By Your Side – Da Mouth (YunJae/Romance/G)

[I Miss You]
[Miss You Too]
[I Love You]
[Love You Too]

[It’s For You]
[It’s Beautiful]
JaeJoong played with the ring on his finger staring at the Korean night sky. He watched the cars move around lighted buildings in the city.  
Bringing his hand towards his face; he looked at the simple silver band around his finger. He brought the ring up to his lips, kissing it; before the cell phone on the windowsill vibrated; showing  the name he's been waiting for.
Opening the message; JaeJoong let out a smile.

[I'm Coming Back Home]
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